Your generosity is changing lives

Simple and secure giving. Give one-time or schedule recurring giving using the options below.
Text Giving
Simply text the word "GIVE" to 888.257.4806

Complete giving information and credit/debit card details. Once complete, the information is securely saved for future gifts.

Mobile-giving app
Give using the our Church App.

We would like to make your online giving very convenient. Love Light City online giving platform is easy to set up and use.

*See FAQs below

Instructions on Getting Started


  1. Click on the Online Giving link. The giving interface through Tithely will open.

  2. Click on "Sign Up" at the top right and follow the steps to create your user account* (Note: It is recommended you create an account. If you're giving a one-time gift, you don't have to create an account, although it is still recommended.)

  3. You can add your preferred payment methods while creating your user account.

  4. Fill out the information (amount you want to give, payment method, etc...).

  5. Consider checking the "Cover Fees" option. Every transaction has fees associated for processing the payment that are taken from your gift. To make sure Love Light City receives your full intended gift, select the "Cover Fees" option. The fee total will be shown to you and if you choose to cover the cost the fee will be added to your total transaction amount.

  6. You can use ACH as your payment method. This means the funds will be debited directly from your checking account. In addition, the fees are much lower than credit card processing.

  7. If you are setting up a recurring giving, select that option at the bottom before you finish and select the frequency.

  8. Click the "Give" button at the bottom to complete your transaction.


Why are there processing fees?

Great question! Any time you perform an online transaction using a payment method such as a credit/debit card, or ACH bank transaction, there is a payment processing company that works in the background. This is not unique to Love Light City, but exists for all organizations and companies who utilize these payment methods

The processing company ensures full cyber security measures such as end-to-end encryption for the payment data, and compliance with federal regulations. So while that ensures a secure and convenient way to give to Love Light City, it also means a small percentage of your gift goes to the fees the processing company charges.

You can select to cover the processing fee which ensures your full intended gift is received by Love Light City and the processing fee is added to the transaction total. If you select "cover fees", it will show you the processing fee that can be added to your total.

 If I cover the processing fees, are the fees tax deductible?


Can I still give via check or cash?

Yes! We suggest only giving cash when at the church and not sending via mail. If you prefer to give via check, you can also use to establish recurring giving using ACH (bank account).